Friday Internet Finds

Hi friends! So it's officially November...when did that happen? I'm excited to be heading home this weekend to go to my cousin's baby shower.

1. This "Ode to All Future Cat Ladies" from Thought Catalog actually really resonated with me. (I'm thinking I should name my future cats after historical figures. Aaron Purr, anyone?)

2. I've never loved a Buzzfeed article more than this one about Daveed Diggs. Yes, let's all talk about Daveed. My current life goal is to meet Daveed.

3. I've been drawn to French fashion ever since I was a little girl and fell in love with the idea of France (like most ballet dancers do). These "Tips for Dressing Like a French Woman" are definitely the inspiration for my autumn and winter style.

4. I was so worried while taking "Which Disney Villain Song Should be Your Anthem" that I wouldn't get "Be Prepared"...but then I did! #score

5. I'm so in love with the behind-the-scenes video from my university's magazine's denim photoshoot. You can read the November issue of The Edge here.

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