New York City Bucket List

I'm happy to announce that this summer, I will be participating in my university's New York City program! I'll be living in the city for nine weeks, taking a class and interning. (If anyone has any information or connections for internships in theatre PR and social media, please email me. Please.) 

I'm also very excited because my family is coming up to join me the week my program ends so we'll have a week together in the city. This past weekend, we bought Hamilton tickets for August 3rd...I cannot wait for that day to be in "the room where it happens"! 

I am so excited to be spending the summer in the city ("the greatest city in the world"!) and being surrounded by theatre and culture. There are so many things that I want to do this summer, so I've started a bucket list and I wanted to show you what's on it thus far! 

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