Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to announce that this Friday marks a first for first sorority formal. My best friend and flatmate, Lauren, is taking me as her "date." I'm excited!

1. For those of you who love Zara as much as I do, this article is a very interesting bit of background and history of the company.

2. A quick shameless self-promo: If you're watching Supergirl, then make sure to check out my recaps for!

3. It's time to start shopping for holiday presents! If you've got a guy in your life that you're buying for, make sure to check out this College Prepster list of gift suggestions!

4. Hamilton was on 60 Minutes this past week, but they also put up this video on the making of the cast album. I'm not saying that I cried (twice, actually), but it's well worth watching. If for nothing other than to hear Leslie Odom Jr. sing acappella.

5. I promise I won't just share a Ham4Ham video every week, but it would be a crime to not make sure you saw Lin Manuel Miranda and Lea Salonga singing "A Whole New World." I mean, she's the actual voice of Princess Jasmine...

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