Friday Internet Finds

Sorry I've been a bit MIA the last week...we'll be back to regular posting this coming week! With my NYC vacation (more on that later) and a busy first week back to school, I haven't had much time.

1. This might be the most important Buzzfeed quiz yet: "Are You More Thomas Jefferson or Lafayette?"

2. Louise Pentland's (Sprinkle of Glitter) latest post about being a mummy to her adorable daughter, Darcy, warmed my heart. Okay, and it made me cry so it's definitely worth a read.

3. I love the way Alyssa Campanella paired a blouse and a sleeveless dress in this post. I would never have thought of that! Would you try this?

4. I love this column from my university newspaper to the "dinosaurs of the 21st century." (If you hate those people who say the Internet is the downfall of the world, you'll love this.)

5. I absolutely love Ragtime, so Ramin's cover of "Make Them Hear You" is my new jam.

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