Review: Dear Emma

I love all things Jane Austen, but Emma Woodhouse has always been my favorite character and the character that I relate to the most. So when I saw a modern adaption of Emma called "Dear Emma" by Katie Heaney, I knew I had to read it. The novel follows Harriet Smith, a shy college student who gives out advice to the student populace in her newspaper column, "Dear Emma."

It's a clever premise for an adaption of Emma, though I missed Emma herself being an actual character. The book's true power though is its ability to portray college students and college relationships in a humorous and real way. Harriet's chatter about boys with her roommates reminded me of my friend group. And when's the last time you read about a character who Facebook stalked her crush? #sorelatable

It's a fun light read, though not necessarily one of my favorite books. At points, it drags a bit and the romantic lead is more annoying than interesting. Plus, Pemberley Digital's Emma Approved is a much better adaption of "Emma." That said, it's well worth a read.

Fans of lighthearted romance, college students, and those who love the character of Harriet Smith would enjoy this novel.
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