Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that final exams are going well for everyone who has them right now. Who else is excited for summer?

1. In case you somehow missed it, Lin Manuel Miranda was on John Oliver last Sunday to talk about the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. (His part of the video starts at about 18:57).

2. Ever wondered which house you would be in if you lived in the Game of Thrones universe? This quiz can tell you. #housetyrell

3. My lovely friend Fletcher (whom you might recognize from this video) wrote a lovely blog post about me!

4. Many of you may know George Blagden from the Les Mis film or from the TV show, Vikings, but he's also playing King Louis XIV in a new series called Versailles. This Marie Claire article made me love him ever more (wasn't aware that was possible!).

5. I just now came across this video from the end of March that interviews Anthony Ramos and the Oak. If you need more convincing that they are both just absolute rays of sunshine, here it is.

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