Best Broadway Snapchatters

If you're a fan of musical theatre and you use Snapchat, then you need to be follow these accounts! As someone whose two great loves are social media and theatre, I love these for backstage looks at shows and staying up on the latest news. Now all we need to do is convince Lin Manuel Miranda to get Snapchat...

If you know of any Broadway or West End or other international musical theatre Snapchat accounts, please leave them in the comments below so I can follow them too! x

Andrew Chappelle (achapphawk)
Andrew is obviously the social media star of the Hamilton cast. Whether he's sending you clips from his dressing room or snaps of his adorable dog whose name is Patti LuBone (best. dog. name. EVER.), his story will make you feel like the world is a happier place. If you're looking for other Hamilton Snapchatters, check out Daveed Diggs (daveeddiggs), Leslie Odom Jr. (leslieodomjr), or Hamilton's Snapchat (hamiltonmusical).

Courtney Reed (rhodesreed) 
The beautiful Courtney Reed plays Jasmine in Aladdin...and apparently makes an amazing matcha tea. I love Courtney's snaps from cast shenanigans to her favorite places to workout and eat to her trips into Sephora. Plus, Courtney is making me want to be healthier...and showing me the best places to eat while I'm in New York this summer!

from Courtney's Snapstory today

Laura Benanti (therealbenanti) 
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit obsessed with Laura of course, I love her Snapchat. She posts some backstage fun and cute pics with her husband. She's basically Broadway royalty, so how could you not want to follow her? I can't wait to see her in She Loves Me in just ten days!

Chris McCarrell (chrismzcarrell) 
It's worth following Broadway's Marius for his snaps of him singing (and the close-up shots of his gorgeous costumes) alone. Plus, you'll get to see shots of the other members of the Les Miz cast until it closes on Broadway in September.

Humans of Broadway (humansofbway) 
This sister account to the amazing Humans of Broadway Instagram always has something cool going on. If you love Humans of New York, you'll want to check out this cool addition to Humans of Broadway's normal content.

And finally....the Tony Awards (thetonyawards) 
Obviously, with Tony season coming up, it's imperative that you follow this account now for all the backstage snaps on the night of the Tony Awards. However, this account doesn't fall inactive at other times of the year...they snap from the red carpets of every Broadway opening. Definitely one you don't want to miss out on!
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