Friday Internet Finds

It's nice to be home...even if I'm only here for another week! Let me know your summer plans in the comments below.

1. Buzzfeed now lets you make a quiz that you can send to your friends to test how well they know you. Time to challenge your friends to see who really knows you best!

2. I love this College Fashion article of outfits inspired by the female characters of War and Peace. Especially because I know them because of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.

3. My dear friend Fletcher wrote a beautiful blog post reflecting on his first year of college.

4. It's so exciting to see some first photos from Aladdin rehearsals in the West End. While it makes me sad to think of something else going into the Prince Edward Theatre (I'm still in mourning for Miss Saigon), I think Aladdin is going to be an amazing production!

5. I love this video from asking quirky questions to some of this years Tony nominees!

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