August Goals

Since it's the beginning of a new month, I wanted to share my August goals with all of you!

(1) Upload four videos to my YouTube channel. I haven't been uploading as much as I like to over this summer, partially because I've been traveling so much. I have one last Disney vlog to edit and then I've filmed two more videos already. I'm hoping I can get at least four videos up this month, if not five or six!

(2) Prepare for my move. There's so much to do for my move to London that I want to get a lot of it done this month. I'm working on my visa, have my housing almost set, and have been sent the link to do my registration. I also need to figure out my flights and phone plan for while I'm there. If I can get most of this done in August, I can focus on packing in September.

(3) Clean my room. Because my family has been at the beach for a lot of the summer, I haven't finished sorting through my room or even through the things I brought home from college. I definitely have to finish that this month, especially once my sister starts school on the 15th.

(4) Keep working out. I've been working out, both walking on the treadmill and doing Blogilates videos. I want to keep doing this, as I need to be ready for the amount of walking I'll be doing once I move to London.

Let me know what your goals for this month are down below in the comments. x
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