Friday Internet Finds

Sorry that I totally missed doing a Friday Internet Finds last week, but I'm making it up with this week's hopefully! (I'd rather not post one than put one out that I don't think is actually worthy of sharing with you guys.)

Actual Hamilton: The New York Times published a great article about the actual music that Alexander Hamilton would have listened to, including the British song that inspired the musical's song, "Yorktown."

Go Phoenix: This list from Playbill shares the ten most represented colleges on Broadway right now, including a list of all performers from each school. I was so pleased (and proud!) to see a classmate's name on the list, who's recently made his Broadway debut in Book of Mormon.

GBBO: Lately my whole family has been obsessed with watching "Great British Bake Off" so I couldn't resist this quiz which tells you how far you would make it on the show. Good news: I would win!

Carrying the Banner (to Netflix): Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know that I'm a huge proponent of filming Broadway shows and making them available to the public. So this announcement that the filmed Newsies that showed in cinemas earlier this year is coming to Netflix absolutely thrilled me. It'll be up on the streaming service on September 5.

Lin Crossing: I always adore James Corden's crosswalk musicals, but Lin being in one is an absolute dream come true.

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