Saying Goodbye to Great Comet

Yesterday news came that Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 is closing on Broadway. It comes as little surprise following the casting controversy of the past few weeks, but it's heartbreaking nonetheless.

I don't want to touch on the reasons for its closing, the way that social media may have contributed to it, or what mistakes producers may have made in this post. I simply want to plead that anyone with the ability to do so goes to see this brilliant show.

I shared the following text on Facebook and wanted to share it on here too. I'm gutted that I only got to see the show once and can't manage a trip to New York to see it again before the show's closing on September 3. So please, if you're able to go see it, do.

If you are in New York, do whatever you can to see this show before it closes. Especially if you can see it August 22 to September 3 when Dave Malloy, the show's writer/composer/lyricist/orchestrator, will be stepping into the role of Pierre once again.

I truly can't put into words what Great Comet has meant to me or what it's taught me about innovation, creativity, diversity, or the human condition. It renewed my faith in humanity, my hope for the future, and my love for the arts. It has touched my soul and I feel that I'm a better person for falling in love with this show. This cast is made up of some of the kindest, weirdest, most beautiful humans in New York and maybe the whole world.

The show deserved so much better than it got and I hope that it will have a future one day in London or even maybe in New York years from now. But to my point, if you have any chance to, please see this show because there's nothing like it on Broadway or coming in the next season.
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