Friday Internet Finds

Happy September! It always feels a bit strange to me when the first day of a new month falls on a Friday. Anyone else feel like every month should start on a Monday or is that just me?

Top Five: In honor of Tom Hiddleston's upcoming run as Hamlet, this article looks back on five of his past theatre roles. I was lucky enough to see Coriolanus when it was streamed to American cinemas and it's still one of my top theatre experiences despite not being live. This made me so excited that I managed to snag tickets to see his Hamlet!

Goodbye My Gypsy Lovers: If you're also weepy this week because Great Comet is closing, this round-up of covers of "No One Else" won't help. But it's great if, like me, you want to wallow in your sadness that this brilliant unique show won't be on Broadway anymore.

Tea Party: This Buzzfeed quiz lets you plan a tea party and tells you which British actor will come to it. I'm quite pleased with my result of Sam Claflin.

Percy's Back: I was so sad when The Lightning Thief musical closed off-Broadway before I got to see it. But this past week, it was announced that it will tour the United States starting in fall 2018 and I couldn't be more excited as I was obsessed with Percy Jackson in middle school.

Journey to Backstage: I'm so thrilled that Anastasia's Christy Altomare is the newest vlogger. Her first two vlogs have been absolutely adorable; she's such a ray of sunshine!

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