September Goals

I wanted to share an update on my August goals with you all as well as creating some for September. August was a productive month for me and I'm happy to report that I made progress on every one of my goals!

Goal Update - August Goals

(1) Upload four videos to my YouTube channel. I achieved this goal! I uploaded two sit-down chatty vlogs and the last two Disney vlogs. I also pre-filmed two different videos to post in September, so I'm quite pleased with my channel progress in August.

(2) Prepare for my move. In August, I did my visa application, finalized my housing, completed my registration, and bought my flights. I'm almost all set to head over on September 20! I even started making my packing list, which obviously I'll be working on a lot more in September.

(3) Clean my room. I made a lot of progress on this goal in August even though I'm not finished. Most impressively, I went through all of my books and rearranged my shelves! I also have been helping my little sister clean her room and we've made some significant progress in there.

(4) Keep working out. This month, I actually met with a trainer at my country club's gym and devised a workout routine which I've been going to the gym to do! I did it twice a week for the first three weeks of the month and although I didn't go in the last week of August, I did work out at home. I've actually fallen a bit in love with weight lifting (who could ever have guessed?).

September Goals

(1) Pack for the move. I've already begun a packing list for my move to London, but obviously packing is going to take up a lot of this month.

(2) Pre-write and pre-film some content for the end of September. I don't want my blog and channel to go silent during my move, but I know that I won't have time for making content for at least a week. Therefore, I really want to schedule some things to post ahead of time.

(3) Finish cleaning my room. This one is a bit of a roll-over goal from last month, but before I leave I need to tackle some of my things I never unpacked after I moved out from my college apartment and...the top of my closet.

(4) Launch my new study abroad blog! I've decided that I'll be keeping a more diary-like blog for my time in London like I did while at Sussex and at St Andrews as I've already had several family members and former professors tell me they'd like to read one. I started setting up a Wordpress blog for it because I thought it would be a good opportunity to gain some experience working on another blogging platform. I won't abandon this blog AT ALL and it will have plenty of London content, especially reviews. But I've already got the name and the URL for a travel diary type blog; I just need to fully launch it this month.

Let me know what your goals for the month are in the comments below or on Twitter! x
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