Turning 23

Last Friday, I turned twenty three years old and later today (as it's already after midnight as I'm posting this) I will leave the United States for another country. My birthday has always neatly lined up with each school year and thus I know that my year of being twenty three years old will always be 'the year I spent in London.' 

On my birthday, I went out to dinner with my aunt and uncle and family at my favorite restaurant and then the following Sunday we had lunch with my nana, cousins, and their children who are toddlers. There is nothing like being with children to make you realize how old you are (except maybe having a sibling eight years younger than you are). 

pre-birthday dinner family photo
Twenty two was a roller coaster of a year without a doubt. My sister was hospitalized for months before she had a life-saving surgery, I finished my thesis, and I graduated from university magna cum laude. I grew closer to friends than I've ever been to anyone before, had my heart broken a few times, and had friendships fall apart. I discovered new loves (Great Comet), revisited old ones (here's looking at you, Alistair Brammer), and made perhaps the boldest and bravest decision I've ever made: to go to grad school in London. 

It's hard to say what twenty three will hold yet. I will spend most of it in London, aside from visits home and visits to Vienna to see my best friend Lucy who I will finally be reunited with. I will certainly see a lot of museums and musicals, hopefully I will make many new friends, and who knows -- maybe I'll even go on my first real date. I'll get my Master's degree and by the end of it hopefully be on my way to a career in a field that I'm passionate about. Here's to 22, one of the most difficult, rewarding, and emotional years of my life, and here's to 23 being even better. xx
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