Intro to #FitLife

Welcome to a new series on Flower Crowns and Revolutionaries called #FitLife, all about the importance of physical and mental fitness. I originally planned on doing this in February and calling it #FitFebruary, but the month got completely away from me so I decided to rename it and push it out a bit to get the most out of it.

Where did the inspiration come from?
I've had a difficult relationship with fitness and being healthy for many years but have recently reached a place in which I have learned how to pursue physical health as a way of taking care of my body rather than trying to 'fix' it. I wanted to share some tips and tricks with my blog readers about how to look at fitness in an emotionally healthy way in case it might help anyone.

I was also inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher's recent posts on social media about how fitness shouldn't be about punishing yourself, but taking care of your body...but more on that later in the series!

Who is contributing to #FitLife? 
One of the other most important things to me was that this wouldn't just be a platform for myself, but one for other friends and bloggers too. So you can expect guest posts and hopefully even a little interview coming your way soon. (If you're interested in contributing, shoot me an email because it's not too late!)

What kind of posts will there be?
There will be guest posts about mental and physical fitness, hopefully an interview with a fitness content creator, a post about my personal journey with fitness, and even some recipes. So get excited for something a bit new to this blog, although there will also probably be some theatre content interspersed as well.

When's the first real post? 
The true first post (after this introduction) is going live tomorrow and it's a great guest post from my friend and med school student, Jenna, about the importance of mental fitness and how you can improve yours. Definitely check back tomorrow!

I hope that all of my readers will enjoy but also get something out of this #FitLife series and also maybe discover some other blogs to read as well through it. Do feel free to leave comments or contact me on social media to let me know your feedback. x
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