Friday Internet Finds

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope all of you had a great day eating lots of yummy food with your loved ones.

1) I'm totally obsessed with Zoe Sugg's book, Girl Online, and I'm only halfway through. Haven't bought it yet? You can find it here.

2) Very proud to say I only missed two on this "How Well Do You Know 'You've Got Mail'?" quiz. It's one of my favorite movies! How well did you do?

3) I rarely shop on Black Friday, but I couldn't resist ordering this coat online from Fossil. I've been looking for another coat and maroon is one of my favorite colors. Plus, it's $50 off and there's no shipping cost! I couldn't resist.

4) This Buzzfeed article on the "27 Reasons Studying Abroad in England Ruins You For Life" couldn't be more true. Which probably explains why I'm headed back to the UK for Round 2 in the spring...

5) The Wonder Forest has some great ideas for holiday gifts for your blogger friends...or any friends who love fashion!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Would you be interested in seeing a post about my suggestions for great presents? Let me know in the comments!
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