Friday Internet Finds

My first Friday Internet Finds written from exciting!

1. Let's start out with the most important Buzzfeed quiz of all time: which Marauder are you?

2. I've been trying to turn myself into a morning person for years...and this Thought Catalog article has almost convinced me that it's worth giving up my 2am Cool Ranch Dorito binges in exchange for super productivity at 8am.

3. This roundup of fashion Instagram accounts to follow is simply genius. #nomorestyleruts

4. I didn't get the watch the SAG awards red carpet like I typically do, but this College Fashion article filled me in on the best dressed. My personal favorites were Emma Stone and Sarah Hyland; who were yours?

5. Louise's latest video about her Valentine's Day themed Lush haul was so nice to watch. It made me wish I had a bathtub here so I could have a nice yummy-smelling bubble bath!

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