Hello 2015 (Reviewing 2014 and Looking Ahead)

2014 was a momentous year for me and truly a year of many ups and downs. It was filled with travel, blogging, and hard work not to mention many firsts: my first time studying abroad, my first airplane ride alone, my first 25 page paper. Admittedly, I had a very difficult fall semester that I struggled my way through. But I've survived and am ready for 2015! 
I will spend nearly half of this year in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, studying history and blogging (and hopefully teaching myself to vlog). I have lots of plans for my study abroad blog, this blog, and my new tripod. I’ll also be applying for internships for this summer. I’ll venture out to California for the first time, to visit friends and go to Vidcon (!!!). Then, I’ll return to Elon in the fall to live in an apartment and delve further into the life of a communications student. 
There are so many things I hope 2015 will hold (my first date? my first ball?). I've created three New Years Resolutions to try to guide myself with: 
  1. To love myself and take care of myself — eat healthy, exercise, keep up a skincare routine, read more, use a positive inner voice. 
  2. To not let my fear of being hurt and the pain of my past experiences keep me from opening my heart and taking a chance. 
  3. To create content — writing, blogging, videos. 

Do you have New Years Resolutions? Share them with me, please! xx
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