What I'm Packing to Study Abroad in Scotland

Packing for study abroad is a monstrosity. Your bags can only weigh 50 pounds, your parents can't easily ship you something you've forgotten, and your room in your host country has to fit everything you packed into it.

And today's the day I leave with my three suitcases.

You may remember my post from this summer when I showed you exactly what I packed to study abroad in Brighton, England. Unfortunately, you won't be getting pictures this time (five weeks is a lot easier to pack for than five months!) but if you want me to film a video showing what I packed, let me know in the comments.

Without further ado, in three suitcases, for five months, I packed...

4 t-shirts
4 black tank-tops
2 black camis
Booty shorts (for wearing under skirts and dresses)
Workout shorts
Yoga pants
Ravenclaw sweatpants

3 pajama t-shirts
2 pajama bottoms
1 bathrobe

13 shirts
3 button-downs
2 dressy shirts
1 long-sleeved crop top
5 sweaters
2 dressy tank tops
6 long shirts to wear with leggings

5 dresses
4 formal dresses
1 ball gown (Sounds strange right? But St Andrews actually has balls!) 

Leggings (6 pair black, 1 pair black and white print)
Silky pants
2 pairs of high-waisted jeans
2 circle skirts - black and maroon
Chic sweatpants

2 men's flannels
3 sweatshirts
Zipper hoodie
3 hats
3 pairs of gloves
3 scarves - red, black and white infinity, leopard
Black overcoat
Leather jacket
2 cardigans - black, grey

Combat boots
Hunter rainboots
Black dress heels
Black Oxford heels
Tan flats
Tan boots

Doesn't include anything except clothes and shoes. If you're interested in other things, just let me know! 
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