My Favorite "Get Ready with Me" Videos

I wanted to share some of my favorite "Get Ready with Me" videos from my favorite YouTubers. I've recently become more interested in makeup and trying out new products because of all the videos I've been watching!

I love love love Zoe Sugg and her most recent Get Ready with Me video is so adorable. I use the Tarte Mineral Powder that she uses in the video and it's my favorite. I would definitely recommend it!

Who doesn't love a good Sprinkle of Glitter video? This video of Louise using all the products from Zoella's line to get ready for her line's launch is just too cute. (Personally, I recommend the Zoella bath bomb bar.)

I recently discovered Ingrid Nilsen and have been flying through her videos! I laughed while watching this video because I bought the Covergirl foundation she uses in the video the day before I watched it. It's quickly become a favorite of mine; it provides enough coverage without feeling heavy.

Who is your favorite beauty YouTuber? Give me suggestions for who to watch in the comments!

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