Becoming Boho

Lately, I've started incorporating more and more boho elements into my style. Three years ago, that's something I never thought I'd say; let's just say I'm more of a Blair Waldorf of even a Jenny Humphrey than a Serena van der Woodsen in terms of style.

But with Coachella fashion still exciting the internet and summer temperatures coming, we can all benefit from some boho influence. One of my little tricks is to buy more bohemian pieces in muted colors of black and white, if you're still trying to decide if they fit your taste. I hope these suggestions help you become a little bit boho for spring and summer.

Flower crowns are a great way to incorporate a little boho touch into your outfits. If you're not sure how you feel about them, try a dainty little one like the one in the bottom right corner (H&M, $5.95). If you're ready to commit and make a statement, try a larger one (H&M, $12.95).

If you're not sure how you feel about kimonos, try out a neutral colored one first. I have this black and white kimono and it's absolutely it's easy to pair with anything (H&M, $24.95). Fringe is another eye-catching trend this spring and it's fun to run your hands through as you walk. (Not that I do that...)

Playsuits have been around for a few seasons now and it appears that they're definitely here to stay. This floral lace-trimmed playsuit is definitely on the boho side and would look super adorable paired with some Keds and a jean jacket until the warm weather comes (Topshop, $79).

Crocheted tops are another great trend this season. While the white flow-y ones are more obviously boho, I like the more understated ones like this fitted black and white shirt (Primark, £4).
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