Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! It seemed like this week would never end. This weekend is exciting for me because I'm headed up to Chicago this afternoon to celebrate my grandfather's birthday (and go shopping at Topshop...). What are your plans for the weekend?

1. In case you've been listening to something other than the brand new Hamilton cast album this past week, it's been on NPR! But today it goes for sale on'll be so much more convenient to listen to it that way!

2. Ever wondered who the ideal guy for you is? This Buzzfeed quiz can tell you. Apparently, I should be looking for suave gentlemen. (Not sure we have those on university campuses...)

3. Was this week as incredibly stressful for you as it was for me? I certainly hope not. In case it was, here's 6 Ways to Stop Worrying from The Haute Notes. #muchneeded

4. The best part about the Emmy's is the fashion in my opinion. After looking at this recap, I think Sarah Hyland's was my favorite outfit. Whose was yours?

5. For my video this week, I wanted to throw it back to one of my favorite videos on the Internet...

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