Madewell Lust List

Madewell recently released their fall collection and I am absolutely in love. Fall clothes are by far my favorite and Madewell's collection has exactly the vibe that I love for autumn: muted colors, lovely soft materials, and unique (high-waisted) pants. Here's what I would buy if I had a spare $1,000...what are you loving lately?

City Grid Coat in Colorblock, $298
Is this coat not gorgeous? From the beautiful color ("midnight spruce") to the unique zipper, it has everything I look for in a fall and winter coat. 

The Elin Loafer, $158 
I've never particularly been a fan of loafers, but these shoes completely changed my mind. They would look so beautiful paired with jeans or printed pants. 

Asymmetrical Mini Skirt in Pinstripe, $88
The asymmetrical trend is clearly still around this fall and this skirt's pattern is absolutely gorgeous. How pretty would this be paired with a cropped black sweater and ankle boots? 

Floral Lace Shift Dress, $168
I love lace dresses and this one in maroon is absolutely stunning. I might be a bit biased because maroon is my favorite color and my school color, though. I love lace dresses in dark colors because it toughens up the material a bit. 

9" High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Bristow Plaid, $128
Out of everything on the list, these jeans are the item I will most likely actually purchase. Just when I thought I couldn't love Madewell's high-waisted skinny jeans any more, they made them in this plaid pattern. #saygoodbyetomymoney

9" High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Bristol Wash, $135
Like I said, I adore Madewell's high-waisted jeans and these lightly destroyed ones are beautiful. I think that ripped jeans are such a great fall look especially when paired with more feminine pieces. 

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