A Week in Review: Mirror Selfies

While I'll hopefully have some nice fashion posts for you in the near future, I wanted to go ahead and share with you some mirror selfies I took of my outfits last week. The transition from summer to fall is always difficult in North Carolina because you never know what the temperature is going to be. Hence, layering is key! (Can you tell I'm moving into my winter all-black color palette?)

Monday: Trying Out a Turtleneck 
I used to avoid turtlenecks and midi skirts like the plague, but I decided to give these a try...and fell absolutely in love. I did laundry this weekend partially just so that I could wear this sweater again this week. 

Tuesday: All in Black 
On Tuesday, I wanted to be comfy while still looking put together, so I wore my Topshop black ripped jeans, a cropped black sweater, and black slip-ons. I'm obsessed with all black outfits paired with red lipstick. 

Wednesday: Channeling Tanya Burr
I'd be lying if I denied that I bought this Topshop jean skirt partially just because Tanya Burr has it. I paired it with black booties and a striped top and felt very Tanya-esque. 

Thursday: Capes and Burgundy Lips 
Thursday was quite cold so I wore my new Topshop ripped jeans with a black cropped button-down and my grey and black cape. I paired it with my new Topshop dark berry lipstick. I don't typically like dark lipsticks on me, but I'm in love with this one.

Friday: Oklahoma! Inspired?
 On Friday, I went to see my university's fall show, Oklahoma!, and it seems that it may have translated into my outfit (although this isn't what I wore to the show). I paired a cropped button-down with my denim shorts and the ever trusty black booties. I think that I will miss these shorts once the weather actually decides to stay cold enough that shorts are out of the question.

I hope you enjoyed these outfits even if the photos weren't great quality! How do you deal with the temperature change?

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