Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday! Does anyone have any fun Halloween plans? One of my best friends from high school is coming to stay with me and we're going to see the school musical and then to the annual Halloween party.

1. It's no secret that guys don't understand rompers. So this video of men trying them on? #priceless

2. Hold up: Buzzfeed has a very important quiz. Are you more Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr?

3. In honor of 1989's one year birthday, here are 12 Life Lessons Taylor Swift Taught Us with the album.

4. I'm so absolutely in love with Alyssa Campanella's Topshop dress in her latest outfit post. But is there ever a time I'm not in love with her blog?

5. This #Ham4Ham show may actually be my favorite. (Gasp! I have a favorite?) If you don't know, the #Ham4Ham show is a little performance Hamilton does on two-show days for the people waiting for the lottery. The results are always amazing.

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