Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday is especially exciting for me because this weekend is Homecoming at my university. Who else has fun plans for the weekend?

1. As a history student, I was so excited when I found this article about a new tablet from the Epic of Gilgamesh being found. It's one of the oldest stories we have written down...history is amazing because new things are always being discovered!

2. This Buzzfeed quiz can tell you why you're still single...apparently I'm just "too perfect." #egoboost

3. Anyone else own a midi skirt but not quite sure how to wear it? This article from College Fashion shows three ways to style a midi skirt and they're all gorgeous outfits!

4. If you love Hamilton even half as much as I do, this round-up of hilarious Tumblr posts about it will definitely make you laugh out loud. (I nearly fell out of my chair at #10.)

5. I think that self care is incredibly important, so I love this recent video from Louise Pentland. Please remember to take care of yourselves! x

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