Favorite Christmas Videos

One thing I love about Christmas time is all the special Christmas-y YouTube videos! I decided to round up some of my favorites to share with you. Make sure to tell me your favorites in the comments. x

There's nothing like a Christmas lookbook, right? I especially love this one for Baby Glitter and Zoe Sugg's latest. They definitely got me excited about putting together festive outfits!

I always look forward to Zoe and Louise's annual gift exchange videos! I absolutely love seeing what other people get for Christmas... #nosyNicole 

If I didn't already have gifts purchased for people, I would definitely be making some of these! As a matter of fact, I might make some for birthdays...or even for myself. 

Festive makeup is so fun...especially with red lipstick! If you're looking for tips, check out these two tutorials. 

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