Friday Internet Finds

As of today, I'm finally finished with my exams! I am so excited to go home for the holidays and really get into the Christmas spirit.

1. Looking for a Christmas TV episode to watch? This Buzzfeed quiz can suggest one. (If you want movie suggestions, head to my list of fave Christmas movies.)

2. Have you seen that the UK actually has a serious petition going to ban Donald Trump from their country? At least I know where I'm moving if he becomes president...

3. I love this "21 Things You Need to Thank Yourself For Before the End of the Year" post from Thought Catalog.

4. Did you see the Hamilton is officially launching a national tour, starting in Chicago? Check out this article for more details.

5. I love Sanne Vliegenthart's YouTube channel (booksandquills) and her Christmas gift guide of bookish gifts under 5 pounds is perfect. Whether you need a little present or a stocking stuffer for your for your favorite bookworm, she has some great suggestions!

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