Friday Internet Finds: Christmas Edition!

Happy one week until Christmas, everyone! I decided to do a special Christmas-themed edition of Friday Internet Finds, just to be extra festive.

1. I loved Alyssa Campanella's blog post about how she and Torrance Coombs decorated their home for Christmas (complete with stockings for their cats!). I especially loved how she tied gold bows onto their tree...I may have to do that next year!

2. Need a last minute present for your favorite geek? This Buzzfeed quiz can give you some ideas, based on their fandom.

3. This recipe for shortbread cookies from Tanya Burr's blog looks so simple! And the cookies are absolutely gorgeous. I'll definitely be trying it out.

4. Um this gingerbread replica of the house from Up! is seriously amazing.

5. This Christmas Lookbook from Zoe Sugg might just be one of my favorite videos of hers ever! Some gorgeous outfit inspiration for the whole holiday season.

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