Internet Find Friday

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I'm on spring break right now and have been enjoying relaxing with my family! Here are this week's internet finds...

1. A French artist redid a map of the Paris Metro with women's names. I especially love it as a station is named after Mary Wollstonecraft, one of my favorite historical figures!

2. Have you guys seen Divergent yet? I saw it the night it came out and I thought it was great. I'm reading the book right now.

3. Speaking of Divergent, Buzzfeed has a quiz to tell you which faction you are. I got Amity (although I'm forever torn between that and Erudite).

4. A Nigerian novelist wrote a great article about how smart women are expected to not care about their clothes or appearance. As an academic and a fashion blogger, I really connect with this!

5. I'm so happy I found this article on how to do yoga at home. Now I'm all set to do it in my dorm!

6. The whole cast of Noah looked gorgeous at its NYC premiere, especially Emma Watson. I saw Noah today and it's an incredibly epic movie. Emma Watson definitely proved herself to be a serious and talented actress.

7. I recently discovered Love, Lenore and it's quickly become one of my favorite fashion blogs. Jacy has an incredible eye for style.
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