Internet Find Friday

1. College Fashion recently published an interesting post on the gender wage gap, particularly as it pertains to the fashion industry. I can't believe that this issue still persists in 2014!

2. I'm a little incredibly obsessed with Once Upon a Time and Buzzfeed has a new quiz: "Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You?"

3. Thought Catalog has a great article about why girls wear make-up. I totally agree with this: I feel like wearing makeup is the equivalent of wearing jeans instead of sweats!

4. I've totally got a girl crush on Emma Watson. Who doesn't? Glamour Magazine put together a compilation of some of her best looks over the years. So gorgeous!

5. My list is shorter than normal today because I'm home from university to go see Evita tonight! The US tour cast seems so talented, based on their promo video!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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