Meet Maggie

I'm starting a new series in which I'll profile fashionable people that I see around campus or at home. By doing this series, I can expand my blog to include different types of fashion than I typically wear and people who inspire the way that I dress! If you know of someone that you think should be featured on my blog, leave a comment or send me an email. 

Maggie and I have had French class together for two semesters now. I'm always so impressed with how she manages to put together very classic outfits that are cute and creative!  

Name: Maggie
Year: Freshman
Homestate: New Jersey
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: French
Outfit: Vest: Eddie Bauer, Sweater: Marshall’s,
Pants: Gap, Watch: Etsy, Boots: Polo Ralph Lauren

What are your favorite stores?
"I really like Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor LOFT. They all have clothes that are a classic style and that you will be able to wear for a long time. But I have made some awesome finds at stores like Target and Marshall’s so I’m never particular when it comes to shopping."

Who are your favorite designers? 
"One of my absolute favorite designers is Alexander McQueen. Kate Middleton wears his clothes a lot, and I obsess over her outfits all the time. She is so well dressed! He often combines classic looks with modern trends, so I look to his clothes (and the Duchess’s outfit choices!) to help me with my own outfits."

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? 
"In addition to Kate Middleton, a lot of the outfits that I wear are really inspired by the people that I am around on a daily basis. In high school, I looked up to my older sister a lot and emulated some of my favorite outfits that she wore. Now that I am here at university, there is even more inspiration everywhere I look. The diverse styles that I see while walking around campus every day give me more confidence to try out different looks that I see while adding my own touch to personalize it."

What are some of your favorite trends?
"In general, I look for clothes that are timeless and that I’ll be able to wear as trends come and go. My absolute favorite accessory to add to an outfit is glasses. I was always the kid that didn’t need them but wanted them, so I finally decided one day to buy a fake pair and now I wear them all the time. There are, however, a few current trends that I like. I have been debating dying my hair ombré for the longest time, although I know it is one of those trends that I will probably laugh about a few years down the road. I also just bought a pair of patterned harem pants, which I am so excited to wear! They are so perfect for spring as the weather transitions into warmer temperatures." 

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