Internet Find Friday

I can't believe it's already Friday again! This week has absolutely flown by. Did you guys have a good week?

1. So I mentioned in my last Internet Find Friday post that I'm obsessed with the Superfruit youtube channel. My favorite this week (I've watched it at least ten times!) is their video called "101 Ways to Ditch Your Friends."

2. I found a Buzzfeed quiz, "Which Jane Austen Hero Is Your Soulmate?" I got Mr. Knightley, which is lovely, because when I took the "Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?" quiz, I got Emma Woodhouse. Also, Knightley's always been my favorite :)

3. Last night I saw the Moscow City Ballet perform "Sleeping Beauty" at my university and they were fantastic. I found this video of them on youtube.

4. I'm fascinated by this online poverty simulation. You have to make choices and see if you can make it through the month without losing your home, or worse. I think it's a great tool to teach more financially stable people about the difficulties that people living at or near the poverty level experience.

5. If you want a cute craft to decorate your walls, check out this DIY Wall Art. I totally want to make these for my dorm room!

6. This girl took the lyrics to "Let It Go" and translated them through multiple languages on Google Translate and then back into English. The result is hilarious!

7. I'm absolutely in love with 8tracks (I made a playlist of female empowerment songs from musical theatre!). I particularly like this playlist called "Three Hours of Studying." It's a mix of folk and indie rock music and I love using it as background music while I study.
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