Internet Find Friday

1. I took a quiz called "Are You Actually Addicted To Your Cell Phone?" and thankfully I'm only moderately addicted.

2. I found the perfect retro-style black bikini at Topshop. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. Do you guys think I should order it?

3. I might be just in college now, but this "20 Signs You Work in PR" article makes me excited to get out into the job force.

4. Did you guys watch Glamour Magazine's Dress to Kill series? I miss it so much.

5. My friend, MaryClaire, is writing a blog about making recipes found on Pinterest. You should check it out!

6. This website is genius: it allows you to find out if a website is down just for you or for everyone. #lifesaver

7. For all Jane Austen fans, Emma Approved is a beautifully made web series based on the novel, "Emma," by the same people who made the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Emma's always been my favorite Austen heroine and she's even better than usual in this modern adaptation.
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