Meet Lauren

When my roommate got dressed this morning, I insisted that she let me feature her on the blog today. She was reluctant, but I convinced her! Lauren always puts together outfits that are classy, but also fun. I love the nautical vibe that her outfit today has. It's the perfect transitional outfit to spring!

Name: Lauren
Year: Freshman
Homestate: Georgia  
Major: Public Health 
Minor: Biology and Neuroscience
Outfit: Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Macy’s, Watch: Marc Jacobs for Nordstrom’s 

Those spots on Lauren's shoes? It started raining while we were taking pictures, of course.

What are your favorite stores? 
“I like Macy’s and Gap and J. Crew. I like to go for slightly preppy, classy, comfortable clothes.” 

Who are your favorite designers? 
“Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade because her clothes are always colorful and classy. I also love Rachel Roy.” 

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? 
“I love looking at outfits on Pinterest. I also really like shopping with my mom because she has a really great eye for what will look good on me. I love to experiment and match random pieces in my closet to see what looks good together.” 

What are some of your favorite trends? 
“I like colorful shorts, pants, and skirts. I really love pairing jean jackets with dresses. I’m also really into big costume jewelry necklaces, especially J. Crew’s. And I love large rose gold watches. I wear mine all the time!” 
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