This Crazy Past Week

This past week has been a bit...hectic. I went home last Thursday night because my mom's birthday was on Friday. (I've somehow managed to make it to all three of my family members' birthdays this year...maybe that makes up for the fact that next year I'll be out of the country during all three of their birthdays?!) 

I haven't had time to do any good photo shoots with my personal photographer (er, my friend, Stefanie), but I do have some mirror outfit photos to share.

I wore this to my middle/high school's festival that I attended on Friday with my little sister. It's so strange going back as an alumni! 

I wore this out to dinner for my mum's birthday. This dress has pockets big enough to fit my iPhone and I love it.

My Outfit Today: I'm in love with shirt; you can't see it in this photo but it has bicycles on it. 
I attended Passover Seder last night with my Jewish friends: my roommate, Lauren, and my friend, Stefanie (yes, the one who takes all my photos!) 

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