Internet Find Friday

Happy Easter and Happy Passover! This weekend, I'll be in Williamsburg with my family celebrating the holiday. What are your weekend plans?

1. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with school supplies. So I love Lauren Conrad's blog's post with tons of classy office supplies

2. I was incredibly happy that this "Which Disney Song Should Be Your Personal Anthem?" quiz told me that "Let It Go" is mine. #allhailqueenelsa 

3. Norm Lewis will make history on May 12 when he becomes the first African-American to play the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. He tweeted a preview of him singing "Music of the Night" and it's making me even more excited to see him in May! 

4. I found this packing guide for studying abroad on the blog, Chic Street Style. This will be so helpful for this summer! 

5. I can't get over how cute Prince George is. I was in London when he was born and I'm loving watching him grow up! The pictures of him and his parents in Australia are so adorable.

6. "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman is one of my favorite books and I'm so excited to see that it's being turned into a movie! The trailer looks incredible. 

7. If you're not following IHOP on Twitter already, then you need to go follow them now! They're absolutely hilarious and their tweets about pancakes always make my day. 
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