Friday Internet Finds

How was your week, everyone? My week was largely dedicated to researching Bonnie and Clyde for my term paper and I suspect that's what this weekend will be dedicated to as well. Do you have fun weekend plans?

1. I'm so excited about the launch of the Zoella beauty line! You can buy it online from around the world. I have the bath bar, the lotion, and a gift for someone headed to the US right now.

2. I took a "Which Gossip Girl Character Are You?" Buzzfeed quiz and got Dan Humphrey. I'm still confused.

3. I can always count on Hello Giggles for a good article and I'm loving this piece on "Why You Can Be Girly and Still Be a Good Feminist." This is everything I'm all about.

4. Who else is obsessed with Madewell's fall catalog? Not just me, right? #pleasebuymeeverything

5. This Thought Catalog article for "5 Steps for Lining Up a Job After College" is actually quite useful for anyone looking for jobs or internships.
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