New Romantics

Top (Similar), Leggings, Jacket, Boots 

With Taylor Swift's new album released on Monday, you can expect that all future outfit posts will have titles inspired by her new songs. I love the song, "New Romantic," for more reasons than one. As a history major, I'm particularly fond of the Romantic era: its poetry (Keats!), its art ("Liberty Guiding the People"!), its entire aesthetic. 

These black and white rose printed leggings make me think of the Romantic era. Maybe it's because of the Romantics' love of nature or just because of their love of the non-mainstream. In any case, when I saw them at Target, I knew I had to have them. And the best part? They're so comfy. I felt like I was lounging around in sweatpants, but looked a bit more pulled together. 

Would you wear printed leggings? What do you think of Taylor's new album, 1989? Let me know in the comments below! 

I still can't figure out how to take photos without laughing
Thanks to MaryClaire for taking these photos for me! 
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