The Little Things

I actually had the best week this past week. That not anything that spectacular happened, but I didn't have a single bad day which was a first for this school year. Plus, I'm home on fall break right now! So basically, there were so many little things that made this week fantastic.
It's always a good day when your school has
fluffy puppies, cats, bunnies, and a goat on the quad
5 books for $3 at the used book fair? Yes, please!
Happy #NationalNewsEngagementDay!
When your favorite blogger favorites your tweet 
Likewise, when your favorite actor favorites your selfie...
Finally getting Alfie Deyes' Pointless Book
in the mail! 
I discovered hibiscus tea sangria at Argo and it changed everything
Hot chocolate with cinnamon #emmaswanthings
Target shenanigans with the little sister
(I liked the hat; she didn't. Obviously.)
I've missed my puppy 
Nothing better than reuniting with old friends
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