The Little Things

This past week was a big week for me! I was home for fall break on Monday and Tuesday. I got to go shopping with two of my favorite girls from Elon who also happened to be in the same place for fall break. Then it was back to school for Homecoming weekend! What little things did you love this past week?

Mall shopping with Bethany and Sarah 
Real friends try on fun hats together
I used a Lush bath bomb for the first
time and it was perfect 
My Miss Saigon CD finally came in the mail
and it's absolute perfection 
A nice morning break at Argo Tea 
My Pointless Book and Zoella Beauty lotion because
 I love Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg way too much! 
Homecoming events where you get to selfie with
the President of your school? #perfect #HeadPhoenix 
Lauren and I skipped the Homecoming tailgate to
go to Panera for lunch and bagels! 
Kristen and I weren't sure how we felt about the
Homecoming concert....Ludacris #whateven
I spent six hours studying at Oak House on Sunday #braindead 
Sunday night's episode of Once Upon a Time was everything
I'd ever dreamed of #CaptainSwan

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