Friday Internet Finds

Who has fun plans for the weekend? I'm hopefully going to the State Fair on Saturday, but will be spending the entire rest of my weekend studying...

1. I was pleasantly surprised at my results on this "How Many Countries Can You Identify Just By Their Outlines?" Buzzfeed quiz. I mean, I got 7/18 correct, but it was more than I expected...

2. This piece on salaries in the fashion industry fascinated me...and relieved my parents, I think. It's nice to know that I could make actual money working as a social media manager!

3. I love capsule wardrobe posts like I love Princess Kate and Taylor Swift's new songs (which is to say, a nearly unhealthy amount). So this capsule wardrobe for fall? Perfection.

4. Who knew that Buzzfeed would be the website to reveal how to "Tuck, Tie, Roll, and Style Your Clothes like a Stylist"?

5. This Thought Catalog post might be geared towards 19-year-old girls, but I think it's important for any sophomore in college to read. #believeinyourself
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