Monday Favourites

Since this post seemed to go over so well last week, I figured I'd write another one for today! And there are so many things I'm enamored of in my new "home," which makes it easy to do.

Student Union Cafe
I'm completely in love with Rector's Cafe, located inside the Student Union building. Maybe it's because I'm a tea drinker and I love that they bring your tea in assorted adorable teapots or maybe I just love their music selection (Sunday my favorite Ed Sheeran song came on and I almost squealed). But if you're ever in St Andrews, I would definitely recommend stopping in. The food and drinks are good, the prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is perfect for chatting with friends or working on your own.

Fairy Lights
I'm not allowed to have fairy lights of any kind back at Elon, so I knew that I wanted some for my room here. Plus, having the huge pinboards across the walls made them incredibly easy to hang. At Primark on Friday, I found a set of 20 LED fairy lights for just 3 pounds so I snatched them up and brought them home to put up. It makes my room feel so much cozier, especially at night time.

Primark Bag
This bag has quickly become my best friend and constant companion. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I absolutely adore this bag I bought at Primark on Friday. It was on sale for just 5 pounds, which is almost ridiculous considering how smart it looks. I also discovered that it's wide enough to fit my laptop or a notebook, which only furthered my infatuation.

Tyler Oakley Sweatshirt
It's fairly obvious that I love YouTubers and YouTube in general so this "I Can't Stop Watching YouTubers" sweatshirt is absolutely perfect for me. I got it for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and it's probably the coziest, most comfortable item of clothing that I own. I'm also particularly fond of it right now because I wore it into the kitchen, which resulted in bonding with my kitchen-mates over our shared love of YouTube. #thankyoumagicalsweatshirt
Want one of your own? You can buy it here.

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