That Red Lip Classic Thing That You Like

It's fairly obvious if you follow me on Instagram that I'm having a love affair with red lipstick. And since Taylor Swift is my number one fashion icon and inspiration, that's probably not very surprising.

I've always loved red lipstick, but before I always felt a little strange wearing it. Even if I was dressed nicely, I felt like red lipstick was calling too much attention to myself. Maybe it's my age or my new "shake it off" attitude, but since coming to St Andrews, I've been wearing it a lot!

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm facing a personal fear or maybe it just makes me feel like Taylor any case, I always feel more confident with red lipstick on!

My personal favorite is the Rimmel London matte red lipstick in shade 170 "Alarm." But it's very important to find one that suits your skin coloring! Do you like wearing red lipstick? What's your favorite brand and shade? Let me know in the comments! xx
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