What to Wear to a Midsummer Night's Dream Themed Ball

The title seems improbable, right? And yet, that's exactly what my plans for February 20th are. St Andrews is a strange but lovely place.

While I'm a bit limited in what I'll be wearing (both by distance from stores and money), I wanted to put together a more whimsical outfit for a fairy themed party.

I started with a beautiful pale pink Topshop dress that made me think of a fairy wonderland as soon as I saw it. I paired this with a pair of silver strappy heels (also from Topshop). In my opinion, the most important thing about choosing a pair of shoes for a party of any sort is that they will stay on your feet, hence, straps are your friend!

For accessories, the obvious choice is a delicate flower crown (this one is from H&M). I chose to mix it up with a bright blue Topshop crossbody. I love being able to throw my bag over my shoulder and not worry about it and this one is definitely big enough to fit all of your party essentials.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
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