Adventures in Cooking

To say that I'm not comfortable in a kitchen would be a huge understatement. Granted, I'm quite good at making muffins (from a box mix), pancakes (from a box of Bisquick), and microwavable meals.

Cooking has always been something I've struggled with. Maybe it's because during high school, I was too busy with AP classes and theatre rehearsals and dance classes to cook much. Maybe it's because I have a fear of ruining food and being left hungry. Maybe it's simply that I have anxiety around cooking.

In any case, when I was placed in a non-catered dorm for this semester, I was unhappy because I knew it meant I would have to cook most of my meals. Especially since the half hour walk into town is way too long to eat out every night.

Learning to cook has been a huge challenge, but one that I suppose would have happened next year when I moved into an apartment anyways. As of yet, the only thing I'm even mildly successful at is eggs. My friend Lucy and I struggle to make pasta together.

And the first fried egg with runny yolk I attempted turned into a fried through completely egg. The one bite with a runny yolk? Got dropped onto the floor. So basically, this hasn't been easy or at times fulfilling. It's very disappointing when you put in the time to attempt to cook something and it turns out tasting horrible and then you still have a pile of dishes to clean.

Here are some of my better attempts of the last few weeks:

My first attempt at scrambled eggs went surprisingly well
My first attempt at grilled cheese? Didn't go so great. 
After some minor mishaps, I managed to make a decent toastie. 
Tonight for dinner, I successfully made a fried egg!
If you want to know what I'm like in a kitchen, just watch Jim Chapman's latest video. Except that I can barely spell meringue, let alone make it. (Seriously, I misspelled it twice and it's in the video caption below.)

Do you like cooking or are you as hopeless in a kitchen as I am? Let me know in the comments! xx
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