Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! And Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

1. You all know there's nothing I love better than when people are converted to being Taylor Swift fans. This article on one woman's conversion is lovely.

2. I recently discovered the blog, The Winner's Institute, run by West End star Gina Beck and actress-writer Tally Blenford. It's quite lovely; you should definitely check it out!

3. This "Which Bennet Sister Are You?" quiz is what I've been waiting for since I discovered Buzzfeed quizzes. It was fantastic to have it confirmed that I'm a Jane Bennet. (Who are you? Let me know in the comments!)

4. I wasn't going to put two Buzzfeed quizzes in this post, but then I found this "Which Vikings Character Are You?" and I love Vikings too much not to include it. I got Lagertha! #badasswomenforthewin

5. I love love love Mary Kate Wiles and Ashley Clements, who played Lydia and Elizabeth Bennet in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And this short film that they recently starred in together? Terrifying and beautiful. Trust me, friends, Mary Kate Wiles is a name you should learn now so you can act like a hipster when all your friends discover her.

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