Friday Internet Finds

It finally feels like spring here in St Andrews...people are walking around without coats (including me)! Is it spring where you live yet? If it's not and you need to stay inside where it's warm this weekend, here are some neat things to check out on the Internet...

1. In some ways, being a student is like working at home. So these 7 Tips for Working From Home by The Haute Notes are super useful for both students and stay-at-home business-people.

2. You know I love a good Buzzfeed quiz, but this "Which Emily Blunt Character Are You?" one might be my favorite yet! Why? Because I got Queen Victoria, my favorite of her roles and the wife of my historical crush Prince Albert (yes, those are a thing history majors have).

3. I already love Karlie Kloss, but the fact that she's made a scholarship for young girls to learn coding? She's completely won my heart.

4. Who else is super excited about Gigi opening on Broadway this week? The New York Times review made me want to see the show so badly, even if they weren't too impressed with Vanessa Hudgens. But Corey Cott is in it and you might remember how much I loved him in Newsies....

5. You also might remember that I love the character of Sebastian on Reign from the reviews I wrote for last fall. Thus, I was very excited to see Bash on this list of TV characters that would make the best boyfriends. Which one would you like to date? I'm thinking Sebastian or Tom Branson!

6. There's nothing I love more than singing along to music in the car. And Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland's Careoke video might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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