Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I'm actually writing this several days in advance, as I'm not planning on doing anything Thursday other than go to classes and read Carrie Hope Fletcher's book All I Know Now, which is released that day. What are your weekend plans?

1. Is there anything more exciting for a history geek than finding out "Would You Survive Marrying King Henry VIII?" I don't think so. (Apparently, I'd be divorced which I can definitely live with!)

2. Speaking of Carrie Hope Fletcher's upcoming book...check out this Daily Mail article about her and her book release.

3. So apparently even according to my pizza toppings, I'm a Ravenclaw...this "What If Your Pizza Order Determined Your Hogwarts House?" quiz kind of makes me wonder how desperate Buzzfeed is for new material...

4. Any other university students already thinking about decorating for next fall? I'm moving into an apartment with my friends in the fall so I can't stop thinking about things I want to buy! I just bought this pillow for our living room, but I basically want to buy everything on the entire website.

5. YouTubers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman are 100% #relationshipgoals. And this old video I stumbled upon totally proves it.

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