Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing for the weekend?

1. I adore Alyssa Campanella (and her cute boyfriend Torrance Coombs!) and her photo diaries from her recent trips to Ireland and London are making my wander-lust uncontrollable.

2. Personal branding is so important and Recent Romantic did a wonderful post on it. I'm about to undergo a large rebranding of this site, so her post was very inspiring to me.

3. #nyfw is almost over, but London Fashion Week is about to begin! Check out this website for the schedule and livestreaming of the shows.

4. Carrie Hope Fletcher is my constant #wcw and I'm so blessed to have met her twice. Her recent video "To My Sixteen Year Old Self" made me cry because I think it's so important for young girls to hear her message.

5. This Buzzfeed "Can We Guess Your University Degree?" quiz made me smile. I got English, which isn't too far off.
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